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Coral Reef Studies

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Carlin Bowyer

Carlin Bowyer

Research Officer (Field Operations)

Oceans Institute Graduate School
IOMRC Crawley - L5
Coxswain 2NC
UWA (Restricted) Science Diver
CASA RePL (Multirotor <25Kg)

BSc Environmental Science (Hons) UWA

+61 8 6488 8034

Carlin has held the Research officer position since 2014. Carlin is the fieldwork leader, and chief field logistics expert within the research team headed by Prof. Ryan Lowe, and wider ARC Coral Center of Excellence group.  Carlin has been involved in fieldwork and field logistics since 2011. Initially Carlin worked for a private consultancy providing services for the Oil and Gas industry, and since 2014, has worked for the ARC Center of Excellence Coral Reef Studies, within the Ocean Dynamics (Lowe research) group. In addition to this he has a background in Geographic Information Systems (e.g. spatial layer management, map generation), acquisition of Spatial Data (e.g. collecting and plotting field data) and Coastal Morphology (e.g. survey, and basic morphology analysis).

Carlin also maintains field gear, vessel, and also generally manages field safety paperwork. He has a keen interest in ensuring fieldwork operations go smoothly, whilst meeting science outcomes.

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