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Coral Reef Studies

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McCulloch, MT, D’Olivo, JP, Falter, J, Georgiou, L, Holcomb, M, Montagna, P, Trotter, JA (2018). Boron Isotopic Systematics in Scleractinian Corals and the Role of pH Up-regulation. In: Marschall H., Foster G. (eds) Boron Isotopes. Advances in Isotope Geochemistry. pp 145-162.

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Greenwood, P, Amrani, A, Sessions, A, Raven, M, Holman, A, Dror, G, Grice, K, McCulloch, MT and Adkins, JF (2015). Development and initial biogeochemical applications of compound-specific sulfur isotope analysis. In: Grice, K. Editor. Principles and practice of analytical techniques in Geosciences, 285-312 pp.
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