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Arnold van Rooijen

Arnold van Rooijen

PhD Candidate

BSc Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology, MSc Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology

Arnold is a coastal oceanographer / engineer with 5+ years of experience in coastal research and consultancy. After obtaining his MSc degree, he spent 4 years working in the head office of Dutch research institute Deltares in Delft (the Netherlands). His research interests include nearshore hydro- and sediment dynamics, coastal impact during storms / extreme events, long term coastal evolution, and interaction between coastal processes and ecology. Throughout the years, he has taken on the role of numerical modeler, project engineer, data analyst, software developer, project leader, student supervisor, company representative and numerical modeling instructor.

In October 2015, Arnold joined UWA to pursue his PhD within the group of Prof Ryan Lowe. His research focuses on the interaction between coastal vegetation and hydro- and morphodynamics through a combination of physical experiments and numerical modelling. Arnold is particularly interested in the detailed intra-wave processes in and around aquatic canopies that drive important physical and environmental processes such as wave and current attenuation and sediment and nutrient transport. He combines his research with a part-time position as one of two Deltares’ representatives in Australia.

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