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Coral Reef Studies

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Arnold van Rooijen

Arnold van Rooijen

Research Associate

BSc+MSc Civil Engineering, TU Delft, PhD University of Western Australia

Arnold is a physical (coastal) oceanographer / engineer with 8+ years of experience in coastal research and consultancy. Prior to his current role as Research Associate he completed his PhD at UWA on wave and current induced flows in aquatic vegetation canopies, and worked for 8.5 years for applied research institute Deltares in the Netherlands. His research interests include nearshore hydro- and sediment dynamics, coastal flooding and erosion during storms, and long term coastal evolution, in particular along tropical shorelines. Arnold’s expertise includes the use of high-resolution physical experimentation and detailed numerical modeling to simulate wave, flow and sediment transport processes. His current research aims to quantify the coastal protection provided by marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs and salt marshes, using laboratory experiments and numerical modelling.

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