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Coral Reef Studies

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View Profile Samantha Dawe

Samantha Dawe

Former Intern

View Profile Tahlia Newnham

Tahlia Newnham

Former Intern

View Profile Lauren Krzus

Lauren Krzus

Former Intern

View Profile Rebecca Leaversuch

Rebecca Leaversuch

Former Intern

View Profile Cinzia Alessi

Cinzia Alessi

Former Intern from Università degli Studi di Palermo

View Profile Jennifer Bruyn

Jennifer Bruyn

Australian undergraduate student volunteer

View Profile Steven Carrion

Steven Carrion

Former MS student from the University of Edinburgh, UK

View Profile Steeve Comeau

Steeve Comeau

Former Research Fellow

View Profile Chris Cornwall

Chris Cornwall

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

+61 (0)8 6488 3644

View Profile Juan Pablo D’Olivio Cordero

Juan Pablo D’Olivio Cordero

Postoctoral Research Fellow

View Profile Quentin D’Alexis

Quentin D’Alexis

Former MSc student from Université Paris Sud

View Profile Thomas DeCarlo

Thomas DeCarlo

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

View Profile Francois Dufois

Francois Dufois

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

View Profile Laurence Dugal

Laurence Dugal

Former Intern

View Profile George Ellwood

George Ellwood

Former MSc Student

View Profile Kurt Giltrow

Kurt Giltrow

Former intern from Australia

View Profile Rebecca Green

Rebecca Green

Research Associate

View Profile Caroline Haymaker

Caroline Haymaker

Former Intern from Old Dominion University

View Profile Talia Jenner

Talia Jenner

Bachelor of Science (Hons) candidate

View Profile Erik Krieger

Erik Krieger

Former BSc student from University of Bremen

View Profile Ellis Larcombe

Ellis Larcombe

Intern from Swansea University

View Profile Morane Le Nohaic

Morane Le Nohaic

Former MS student from the University of La Rochelle, France

View Profile Billy Moore

Billy Moore

Former BSc student from Swansea University

View Profile Melissa Naugle

Melissa Naugle

Former visiting research intern from Georgetown University (USA)

View Profile Svenja Pfeifer

Svenja Pfeifer

UWA exchange student from Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet in Duesseldorf, Germany

View Profile Frankie Puerzer

Frankie Puerzer

Former intern from the USA

View Profile Chloè Pupier

Chloè Pupier

Former MSc student from Aix Marseille Université

View Profile Emily Richardson

Emily Richardson

Australian undergraduate student volunteer

View Profile Hermione Sanderson

Hermione Sanderson

Intern from Swansea University

+61(0) 0423 133 494

View Profile Liming Tan

Liming Tan

Joint Ph.D. Student

View Profile Rebekah Trehern

Rebekah Trehern

Former Intern from the UK

View Profile Karen Van Staden

Karen Van Staden

Personal Assistant, Admin Support Officer

+61 8 6488 1189

View Profile Andrew Warnes

Andrew Warnes

Former MSc Student

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