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Coral Reef Studies

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Juan Pablo D’Olivio Cordero

Juan Pablo D’Olivio Cordero

Postoctoral Research Fellow

Juan Pablo was born and raised in Mexico City. He obtained a BSc in Oceanology in 2004 and a MSc in Coastal Oceanography in 2008 from the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California in Mexico, and obtained a PhD in Earth Sciences from the Australian National University. Since his MSc studies he has been involved in paleoceanographic studies using the information stored in the skeleton of massive corals to reconstruct past environmental conditions. He has recently started a postdoc position at UWA where he will be working with corals from the GBR particularly combining coral growth information with geochemical data to provide a more comprehensive view of the changes occurring to corals reefs of the GBR in recent times. Part of geochemical analysis will involve the use of the boron isotope composition of corals as an indicator of past seawater pH and Ba/Ca as proxy for runoff.

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