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Coral Reef Studies

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Cyrielle Rigal

Cyrielle Rigal

Visiting Research Intern from the University of Brittany South, France, currently enrolled in a Masters of Marine Biotechnology program.
(Masters research project title: 'Symbiont dynamics and energy reserves of Acropora aspera of intertidal and subtidal corals from the Kimberley region'.)
The aim of this project (under the supervision of Dr Verena Schoepf) is to compare coral chlorophyll a, tissue biomass and endosymbiont density as well as energy reserves for Acropora aspera collected in different littoral zones.

Research interests: Coral reef physiology

Bachelor of Chemistry from the University Aix-Marseille, France - in partenership with the University of Quebec, Chicoutimi, Canada.

+61(0) 451033729

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