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Coral Reef Studies

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Joshua Bonesso

Joshua Bonesso

PhD candidate

BSc. (Wildlife & Conservation Biology) - Latrobe University; BSc. Hons (Marine Science) – James Cook University

Josh’s PhD is investigating the resilience and stability of carbonate reef-islands under changing metocean states in the Pilbara Archipelago, Western Australia. His research will involve multidisciplinary techniques/methods include/spanning (1) carbonate sedimentology, (2) coral reef ecology (3) reef paleoecology, (3) remote sensing (LiDAR) and (3) radiometric dating (14C and U/Th). His ultimate goal is to provide a novel and transdisciplinary approach for investigating historical island development, contemporary landform stability, and future island resilience under global environmental change, with an application to tropical reef-island systems worldwide.

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