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Coral Reef Studies

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Julie Trotter

Julie Trotter

ARC Future Fellow, Principal Research Fellow

BSc (Macq. Univ.), MSc (Macq. Univ.), PhD (ANU)

+61 (0) 8 6488 3925

Dr Trotter’s research is focused on understanding environmental changes and processes in the marine system occurring on both modern and geological timescales. Her research utilises innovative geochemical proxies extracted from biogenic skeletons that record changes in seawater chemistry and interactive processes within the ocean-climate system.

Dr Trotter has held research appointments at the University of Western Australia (since 2009) in Earth Sciences and the Oceans Institute, including an ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD), Senior Research Fellow, and an ARC Future Fellowship (FF, awarded 2016). Her current Future Fellowship focuses on determining changes in the ocean-climate system within deep waters by utilising long-lived (10’s to 1000’s years) deep-sea coral archives from Southern Ocean water masses (Perth Canyon, Tasman seamounts, Antarctica). Tracking changes in ocean temperature and pH in particular, recorded by both modern and fossil corals, can help reveal Earth’s responses to anthropogenic CO2 emissions and global warming during the industrial era, as well as pre-industrial natural variations within the system. This work utilises UWA’s state-of-the-art geochemical and mass spectrometry facilities, the Advanced Geochemical Facility for Indian Ocean Research, which Dr Trotter helped establish and co-manages.

Dr Trotter holds a PhD in geochemistry (Australian National University) and an MSc in palaeontology (Macquarie University) and has a diverse background in marine geochemistry and the earth sciences. Before joining UWA, Dr Trotter held a research position at the ANU to work on various geochemical proxy studies using modern Scleractinian corals, and her earlier PhD research determined climate records and associated bio-events for key periods in Earth history (i.e. ‘deep time’) from apatite microfossils. Other prior appointments include Project Leader at the CSIRO, Division of Petroleum Resources, where she managed large-scale geochemistry projects commissioned by industry clients to reconstruct basin architecture; and Executive Officer to the Energy Group, a high-end administrative role that supported CSIRO Executives and external stakeholders (including government), which focused on energy strategies and collaborations within the sector. During her early career, she worked as a palaeontologist at the University of Sydney and Macquarie University.

Successful Proposals & Funding Received

ARC Future Fellowship FT160100259 (2016). Dr J Trotter. Deep‐sea coral ocean‐climate records of the last glacial and recent eras. $776,000

Schmidt Ocean Institute (2013). Prof Malcolm McCulloch, Dr Ron Thresher, Prof Carlos Duarte, Prof Charitha Pattiaratchi, Ass/Prof Jim Falter, Ass/Prof Julie Trotter, Dr Paolo Montagna, Dr Jane Fromont, Prof Susana Agusti-Requena. ROV exploration the Perth Canyon and assessing the vulnerability of deep-sea corals to climate change and ocean acidification. SOI provides their fully equipped Ocean Research Vessel R/V Falkor & resources including a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). Approx. value $1,000,000

CSIRO Flagship Collaboration Fund (2010). Prof M McCulloch, Asst Prof J Falter, Assoc Prof R Lowe, Asst Prof J Trotter. Project Title: Ocean acidification and environmental change across a widening tropical-subtropical gradient. $200,000

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Project LE100100203 (2010). Prof M McCulloch, Prof P Cawood, Prof M Lynch, Prof R Wasson, Prof P Lavery, A/Prof A Waite, Ass/Prof R Lowe, Dr M Kilburn, Dr J Trotter, A/Prof Clode, Dr J Falter, Prof N McNaughton, Dr K-H Wyroll, A/Prof L Collins. Project Title: Advanced Geochemical Facility for Climate and Environmental Change Research: a west Australian−Indian Ocean focus. $700,000

ARC Discovery Project DP1096252 (2010). Dr JA Trotter; Dr IS Williams, Em/Prof CR Barnes, Prof DJ Beerling, Dr CH Wellman, Project Title: Global Climate Change, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and the Evolution of Life in the Palaeozoic and Early Mesozoic. $355,000

ARC Discovery Project DP0986505 (2009). Prof MT McCulloch, Dr JA Trotter, Prof RB Dunbar. Project Title: Ocean acidification in a Rapidly Increasing CO2 World. $670,000

ARC Linkage Project LP0883812 (2008). Prof PA Cawood, Prof K Grice, Mr R Hocking, Prof JL Kirschvink, Dr P Montgomery, Dr PE Playford, Mr T Playton, Mr N Thompson, Dr JA Trotter, Prof P Ward. Project Title: Chronostratigraphic Framework for the Devonian Canning Basin – A Multidisciplinary Record of Environmental Change. $580,000


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Book Chapter

McCulloch, M., D’Olivo, J-P., Falter, J., Georgiou, L., Holcomb, M., Montagna, P., Trotter, J. In Press. Boron Isotopic Systematics in Scleractinian Corals and the Role of pH Up-regulation. In: Boron Isotopes – The Fifth Element, Advances in Isotope Geochemistry Series.

Technical Reports & Materials

CSIRO technical reports: x69 internal confidential reports on the strontium isotope chronostratigraphy of limestones across Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia in conjunction for petroleum industry clients (from 1993 to 2006).

Trotter, J.A., Johnstone, J. and Davies, J. (1994) Classification for Senior Secondary Biology. CSIRO Division of Entomology, Canberra. (Audio Visual Kit).


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