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Maryam Abdolahpour

Maryam Abdolahpour

Postdoctoral Research Associate

PhD in Environmental Fluid Mechanics @ UWA and ECU; Master in Hydraulic Structures; BSc in Water Engineering

+61 8 64881582

My research topics cover a broad spectrum of ecohydraulics and environmental fluid mechanics, with a focus on steady and wave-dominated flows, turbulence and mixing. In particular, I have experience in sediment transport, mixing and residence time in complex systems, particle dynamics, wave-current interactions and physical modelling. I use a variety of tools for furthering my research including analytical and advanced laboratory techniques (e.g., including both intrusive and non-intrusive methods). My current research projects include sediment transport in aquatic canopies (such seagrass meadows and coral reefs) and performance evaluation of artificial seagrass mats for coastal protection.

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